At Crossroads

In our journey in this life, we might reach a stage where we feel discouraged, as though there is a huge wall in front of us blocking our progress, all the doors seem to be closed and locked!!!!

Since life doesn’t come with a manual or troubleshoot instructions, how do we move forward? Which direction do we take?

My answer… turn inward…. Our all-knowing subconscious mind has all the answers. Then the question arises how do we bring it, into our conscious awareness…

My answer…. pause for few  a moments…Pay attention to ourselves—our emotions triggered by our thoughts.

Question ourselves, hidden in the answers, is our new path!!!!

Start by asking, “At this particular juncture in my life what is my most dominant emotion”?

In my experience, the most common answer is FEAR, fear of failing, fear of not making it (let down), fear of losing (feeling threatened), fear of loneliness, fear of abandonment etc.

Now ask the questions— How? What? Why?  You would be surprised by the answers!

When you reach this stage of awareness you have a big map with directions; a new path of hope…..

All you require now is a bit of flexibility and  zest to move forward.

We start getting sudden thoughts or ideas, an intense eagerness to do something which was totally ‘Not you’, it can be to call our long lost acquaintance or search Google something…. do it, we have our new path.

That’s our subconscious mind leading us to solutions and new opportunities. Mind you, more than often this path would be uncomfortable and totally novel, don’t stop, move forward!

The more we trust our inner voice,  the more we find whole new pathways opening up for us.

The challenge many face at this juncture would be our trained habit of logical thinking, we analyze the pros and the cons, we brood over these impulsiveness, we quickly judge, “What if”. ‘Yes’……but, “pulling us backwards, back to the initial problem situation”.

What we are doing here is we are de-valuing ourselves, our inherent capabilities.

Another block to our progress would be not taking the learning from our past mistakes and failures… we build castles over failures. Thinking about it and for some strange reason sitting on our failures is more comfortable for us than moving on!

A few questions we can ask ourselves here is, “When I decided to do this, what was my intention/ How did I go about doing it, what were the challenges and what was my approach towards them”.

Analyze the answers objectively, can use our logical mind here!

Another block that creeps up then would be our phobias (fear again), inner and outer conflicts towards change.

Take baby steps but move steadily with absolute trust in oneself, overcome the inertia of feelings of uncertainty and doom. It’s only with perseverance and courage then we can break free from self-pity and self-hampering thoughts and move towards an absolute state of joy and honor!

The choice is ours….